(2012) Plan for Active Ageing in Brno - Czech Republic

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City of Brno, Czech Republic

PLÁN AKTIVNÍHO STÁRNUTÍ VE MĚSTĚ BRNĚ - a background paper of the Strategy for Brno, 2012. Argues that ageing population requires that social and cultural activities for older people are necessary part of active ageing and health policy and provision. Includes learning in later life. Pioneering for Czech city strategy.

https://www.brno.cz/fileadmin/user_upload/sprava_mesta/magistrat_mesta_brna/KSM/Brozura_-_Plan_aktivniho_starnuti_ve_meste_Brne.pdf; ) https://www.brno.cz/sprava-mesta/dokumenty-mesta/koncepcni-dokumenty/strategie/


active ageing, city policy,

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