(2011) Futurage: A roadmap for European ageing research

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Futurage Project

The Road Map for European Ageing Research is the result of the FUTURAGE project which brought together 24 partners, 14 European countries, eight stages of consultation and over 700 individual contributors and organisations, representing thousands of people, to create a better future for ageing in Europe. The report aims to tackle the grand challenge of Europe's ageing population and provide the research agenda for ageing over the next 10 years. Its four key recommendations are: Engaging end users of research, especially older people; Better coordination of existing and future European ageing research; Capacity building for doctoral, postdoctoral and mid-research career training and structure; Knowledge transfer/knowledge exchange to exploit the results of the research it produces. The Road Map also identifies key research questions that must be addressed in the near future in order to effectively manage the challenges of an ageing population. Launched October 2011.



Ageing research, research agenda, Europe