(2010) Being an 'older learner' in higher education: sustaining the will to learn

in Quantitative
Andrea Creech, Anita Pincas, Sue Hallam, Julia Jeanes, Institute of Education, & Janet Broad, London Centre for Excellence in Te

This article reports on a study of 131 higher education students, aged 50 and over, which explored their reasons for studying and their self-reports of the perceived benefits of studying and their confidence as learners. The results suggested that, for the learners, personal and professional development were inextricably linked, and that they generally saw themselves as beneficiaries within the academic community. Self Determination Theory (SDT) provided a theoretical lens through which the will to learn could be interpreted as being sustained by a striving for autonomy, competence and a sense of belonging.

International Journal of Education and Ageing, Vol.1, No. 1, 23-40, June 2010, ISSN: 2044-5458


Older learner, higher education, self determination theory