(2013) Act on Adult Education LXXVII

in Official Statements

2013. évi LXXVII törvény a felnőttképzésről. Passed on June 3 2013, this new Hungarian Law on adult education is primarily concerned with a radical re-organisation of an adult vocational education and training sector separate from the school system. It contains requirements for organisation, content, quality assurance, implementation, licensing, monitoring , accreditation and electronic storage of information. However the Law also provides a wide range of definitions and refers to "adult education" which aims at "contributing to adult personality development, social equity and civic competence development." An adult is a "legal person" over 18; there is no reference to an upper age limit for participation in "adult education and adult support training activities".

A Magyar Közlöny – 96. (2013. június 13.) The Hungarian Gazette 96( June 13 2013).



adult edication, adult training, vocational education, regulations, definitions