(2009) Equity in Education in Central Europe - a country analysis

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This report was sponsored and published in 2009 by the Tempus Public Foundation (a Hungarian organisation) with the support of the Hungarian Ministry of Education and the European Commission and within the ministerial framework of cooperation of the Central European Cooperation for Education (CECE). The thematic focus of the project was the identification of the most relevant equity issues at regional level in the context of lifelong learning. Reports on four countries are included in the publication : Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. There is also a thematic overview analysis. The publication stands as a valuable information, statistical and analytic background to discussion of access of older people to learning in central Europe but largely does not discuss the topic directly. However, the Slovak report observes that its education system, while being concerned with equity in access to education and with attempting to contribute to the prevention of social exclusion of groups potentially relegated to the margins of the society, often fails to include seniors and to make allowances for difficulties in older age. Measures promoted for them, it concludes, should encompass training programmes on literacy and basic skills, as well as “second chance” programmes.

Tempus Public Foundation, Hungary



Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, equity, education, social exclusion, marginalised groups

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