(2011) Educational gerontology in action: a review of a training programme for older adults volunteering for projects in remote Australian Indigenous communities

in Evaluation
Cappy Engelbrecht, Monash University & Siobhan O'Dwyer, National Seniors Australia Productive Ageing Centre, Australia

This article considers critically the recommendations reached in the review of the preparatory training programme that older volunteers are required to participate in before taking part in the Indigenous Skills Transfer Exchange Partnership (INSTEP) in Australia. The purpose of the review was to derive recommendations that would promote the development of the older volunteers through learning activities. The recommendations included improvement of content relevence, selection of strategies that supported personal transformation, and design of learning tasks consistent with the biological, psychological and social needs of older learners. The article concludes with a discussion of opportunities for further gerontological research among culturally diverse groups of older adults, particularly where development of cultural sensitivity is a primary learning goal.

International Journal of Education and Ageing, Vol.1, No. 3, 285-300, May 2011, ISSN: 2044-5458


educational gerontology, older learners, training review, evaluation, reconciliation

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