Discover Learning in Later Life in Europe

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Anna Grabowska

Since more than 10 years learning activities for adult learners are supported by European Union and European Commission. It should be underlined that Lifelong Learning is the basic key concept of EU and EC. They both support access and participation in Lifelong Learning for All. In order to cope with Europe’s ageing population problem in 2000 the Grundtvig Programme was launched. Grundtvig aims to provide adults with ways to improve their knowledge and skills, keeping them mentally fit and potentially more employable. One of the specific aims of Grundtvig is to ensure that people on the margins of society have access to adult education, especially older people and those who left education without basic qualifications. At least 55% of the total funding for Grundtvig goes towards mobility and partnership activities. In the article the chosen Grundtvig projects are presented (LLLab, LISTEN, LLLE, ForAge).


Lifelong Learning, Grundtvig Partnership Projects, blended learning, e-learning

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