(2007) The long term learning needs of older people in Ireland: A discussion paper

in Commentary
Adele McKenna for AONTAS

AONTAS conducted preliminary research into the lifelong learning needs of older people in Ireland in 2007. In drafting this discussion paper, AONTAS drew on the research and engaged in consultation with various organisations and individuals representing the interests of older people in Ireland, as well as older people directly involved in adult and community education. The paper locates the discussion on the lifelong learning needs of older people within the context of existing service provision. It identifies the specific learning requirements of older people, the supports needed to ensure older people's involvement in adult and community education and the current gaps in service provision. The paper offers some recommendations to address the future lifelong learning needs of older people.

Dublin:AONTAS, The National Adult Learning Organisation, 2007, pp9.



Learning needs, adult and community education, learning support, future provision