Germany: Research Institute on Ageing and Learning

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Forschungsinstitut Geragogik (FoGera) Forschungsinstitut zu Altern und Lernen

Forschungsinstitut Geragogik (FoGera) Forschungsinstitut zu Altern und Lernen, Witten. The Research Institute Geragogik (FoGera) has existed since 2002 and concerns itself with the theme of "learning and education in ageing societies". Its research, teaching and social practice aligns itself with the following mission statement: "A human, an ageing society needs a competent and capable older generation that is willing to take on new roles of responsibility for themselves and society. The prerequisite is that elderly and old people access learning and training opportunities. As before, the enabling social structures remain in the areas of education and learning lag far behind the needs of a fulfilled and emancipated age. To overcome this contradiction between the potentials of the age and the social conditions of what is currently possible, FoGera systematically and continuously makes its own research and development contribution in relation to education and ageing. The goal is to empower individuals and organizations, through educational processes to improve quality of life in old age .FoGera focuses its research interests on socially excluded older people. In research projects in general a differentiating gender perspective is brought to bear "

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