Austria: Institute of Sociology of The University of Vienna - Working Group for Social Gerontology, Life Course and Social Policy Research

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n 2005, the Working Group for Social Gerontology, Life Course and Social Policy Research has been established at the Institute of Sociology of the University of Vienna. The working group comprises a team of social gerontologists which has been doing relevant research for many years. The working group is the only one in Austria which continuously and systematically performs social science research in the field of ageing, doing basic research as well as applied research which focuses on aspects of innovation in policy advice. The basic research performed by the working group is competitive on the international level, whereas the innovative applied research is designed to meet very specific societal needs in a regional setting. Thus it is first of all of national importance. Aims One aim of the working group is to perform theoretical and empirical research which is up to date with societal developments, exploring e.g. the potential of older people and the transformation of stereotypes regarding them and the consequences of the demographic changes for the intergenerational relations. Another aim is to establish a basis for communication with politicians and applicators in order to elaborate in common the needs and questions which are bound to result in an innovative application-oriented research process. Main research areas Social gerontology, intergenerational relationships, changes in the perception of the life-course, financing the pension system and social and health services, participation of elderly people in the labour markets, application of research results in educational gerontology, elder abuse and neglect.

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