Netherlands: TNO Ageing

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TNO Ageing is the central point for ageing and elderly within TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) Ageing of the population is one the biggest problems the Netherlands and many other countries will have to face in the decades to come. Concomitant changes in population distribution have far-reaching societal, economic and health care consequences. However, ageing does not only present a threat but also a challenge for finding problem-oriented solutions. TNO Ageing stimulates and co-ordinates the vast expertise and knowledge of TNO in such areas as technology, disease and health and care for the elderly in order to reinforce the activities of the industry and public agencies. The primary objective is to promote the ability of elderly people to live and function independently. Main research areas: Housing and Care Mobility Nutrition Health Time allocation Financial security Safety

TNO Ageing PO Box 22152301 CE Leiden The Netherlands Telephone +31 (0)71 518 16 94