European Commission: Centre for Educational Research and Lifelong Learning (CRELL)

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CRELL monitors the EU2020 headline targets in education and training (ET) (early school leavers and tertiary attainment) and the four related benchmarks. CRELL research focuses on the benefits, outcomes and returns to education and training, including school-to-work transitions, skills mismatch and adult participation in lifelong learning. In addition, CRELL researchers conduct secondary analysis of large scale surveys on teaching practices and on students’ knowledge and skills in different domains. Thus, the centre provides Member States with evidence that informs policy decisions in the field of education and, to that end, its researchers also participate in different expert groups. Thus, CRELL contributes to the work of the Directorate-General for Education and Culture in building a comprehensive and coherent quantitative monitoring framework to help guide policy-makers and steer Member States towards increased effectiveness, efficiency and equity in their education and training systems.



Research, monitoring, targets, benchmarks, policy