Voices on well-being, A report on resaerch with older people.

in Older people's voices on education and its benefits

This report will present an overview of the findings from work conducted between January and May 2011. This involved a UK wide consultation with older people (ages 65 +) around the important concept of well-being. We worked hard to access, engage and include a diverse range of older people. We do not claim that the participants are representative of all older people. Nonetheless, they reflect the views of a diverse range of older people both within and outside WRVS, service users and carers, volunteers and activists. Most importantly, these voices include their understandings of well-being, their interpretations of what shapes it, their experiences of services, the barriers they encounter and their suggestions for change.

November, 2011. WRVS, Beck Court, Cardiff Gate Business Park, Cardiff CF23 8RP


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