AHEAD – TrAining High tEch seniors for Discovery (2013-2015)

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AHEAD has two main aims. The first is to develop, test and bring into general use an holistic approach to active ageing based on senior citizens' travelling experiences. The second aim, linked to the first, is to equip senior travellers with the ICT skills that will enable them to use their travels as the basis of an innovative learning experience for young people through a dedicated user-friendly APP. The benefits will be twofold: on one hand, it will make it easier to build networks with other groups of seniors and with different generations. On the other, it will promote seniors’ active aging and the improvement of their ICT competencies, which are fundamental to take part in nowadays’ society life, activities and changes. Coordinator: SUPERFICIE 8 srl (IT). Partners: Andragoški zavod Ljudska univerza Velenje (SI), Associazione SEED (CH), Compagnia di Turismo e Cultura (IT), Laurea University of Applied Sciences (FI), University of Durham (UK).


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