ACT for SHARE - Active Citizenship for Seniors and Juniors Share via Web Radio (2013-2015)

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This Grundtvig project proposes to value the knowledge of senior citizens, especially that of retired ones, so that the wealth of personal experience acquired is not lost. It also aims at improving their quality of life while aging actively. To this end, the project focusses on a transfer of knowledge to the young, especially to unemployed youth, with the objective of acquiring new skills through the implementation of different activities in various modalities and using the web radio as a means of dissemination. The web radio broadcast prepared and conducted by technical experts in the field is a valid and innovative instrument at the national level in each country as a means of broadcasting at a low cost. Partners: EDRASE (Greece), Algaba de Ronda (Spain), Glotta Nova (Slovenia), APERTO Association (Poland), Wise Age (UK).