(2012) Engagement of older adults in higher education: International perspectives from New Zealand and Scotland

in Qualitative
Brian Findsen, University of Waikato, New Zealand

This article explores the issue of older adults’ access to and participation in higher education in two countries, Aotearoa New Zealand and Scotland. It discusses older adults’ engagement with regard to patterns of participation and provision, using a critical educational gerontology approach. The two case studies, one in more theoretical terms, the other empirically-based, illustrate the complexities surrounding older people’s engagement through the lens of a political economy. The paper argues for more proactive policies at both institutional and governmental levels to improve recruitment, retention and successful outcomes for older adults

Article published in The Adult Learner Journal,13-26, 2012, ISSN: 0790-8040. Published by AONTAS. http://www.aontas.com/pubsandlinks/publications/the-adult-learner-2012/



older learners, higher education, formal learning, engagement, Scotland, New Zealand