(2014) Learning across Generations in Europe: Contemporary Issues in Older Adult Education

in Theory

The book gives an overview of different concepts, ideas, and meanings, relating to older adults’ education, later-life learning and intergenerational learning through discussion of theoretical standpoints, empirical research and policy directions. It seeks to provide an analysis of different understandings and interpretations of education and learning in later-life and of different approaches to the education of older adults. The 17 chapters address such topics as later-life learning and employment, work skills, e-learning, empowerment,older men, disadvantaged seniors, voluntary work and intergenerational learning. The editors hope that this collection of papers acts as a persuasive argument for formal and non-formal learning agencies to open more doors for older adults.

SBN Paperback: 9789462099005 ISBN Hardcover: 9789462099012 ISBN E-Book: 9789462099029 Open Access Ebook available free Sense Publishers, 232 pages,2014.



theory, policy, participation, programmes, intergenerational