AEPT 2020 - Adult Education Pathways Towards 2020 (2012-2014)

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A Grundtvig Learning Partnership project whose main goal is to support the European Year 2012 for Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity, creating a transference of different models of senior citizen’s learning and promoting the exchange of innovative methodological approaches between the involved partners. The sharing of experiences, good practice and new and proven methodologies in reflection moments such as coordination meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences, visits and study cases, will promote the quality in adult education provision, for this specific group, by enhancing the core professional competences of those charged with the delivery of lifelong learning programmes. The experience of seniors, through an active participation in all steps of the partnership, will be essential for the continuous review and evaluation of the work developed, as well as the achievement of the main goals of the partnership. The focus will be on the promotion of an active ageing program for older people through active citizenship and involvement in volunteer work and community activities. Project coordinator: CFPIMM (Portugal). Partners: Civil Vállalkozások Egyesüle (Hungary), Panevėžio rajono švietimo centras (Lithuania), English Unlimited Sp.z o.o. (Poland), ASOCIACION INTERCULTURAL LA GALERIA (Spain).