(2011) Literacy, Numeracy and Disadvantage Among Older Adults in England

in Quantitative
Andrew Jenkins, Rodie Ackerman, Lara Frumkin, Emma Salter and John Vorhaus

This report, by The National Research and Development Centre for Adult Literacy and Numeracy (NRDC), presents findings from research on the relationships between the literacy and numeracy levels of older adults and the extent of disadvantage in later life. Looks at data on proficiency, changes over the life course, and work. Identifies key evidence gaps. Considers the measurement of literacy and numeracy and contains findings on whether those with poor basic skills are more likely to leave the labour force at an early stage, and whether they have fragmented or interrupted career paths. Investigates whether those with low literacy or numeracy have lower wellbeing and quality of life than those with better basic skills proficiency. The research consists of a review of the literature and secondary analysis of a quantitative data source on older adults.

Final report for Nuffield Foundation. Published online February 2011.



literacy, numeracy, life skills, disadvantage

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