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  • Older people and art

    11.11.2014 10:53
    Why do older students often choose painting, drawing, plastic arts or music as their preferred study subject or learning activity ? Why are they so readily involved in cultural tourism? Is it because art brings a possibility to reflect upon one's life and experience, is it because it means being creative and therefore independent, is it because it is clearly transformative?
  • 7.12.2014 06:30
    One could ask "which older students?". But to take the questions as given, the explanations may be more basic. The study subjects listed are relatively easy to access and involve a range of the senses. As long as one has the tools and materials one can begin to paint and draw.The initial results may be awful but at least one has started and possibly enjoyed the activity. One can appreciate music at a certain level from the beginning; one can engage in cultural tourism if one can afford it. Accessing classical Greek or trigonometry, even with a brilliant teacher, may be harder.

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