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  • Non-learners and learning for inclusion

    25.11.2014 16:48
    In the project MATURE report loacted at one can find data regarding participation of older people in learning. The results are not optimistic. What can we do in order to make their participation more broader? We have started a dedicated discussion on FB at the address How about icluding more activities voluntary based?
  • 7.12.2014 06:51
    The Mature report is well worth reading: it is interesting, wide-ranging and informative.The ForAge Facebook pages are lively and full of material. The suggestion of putting into these pages examples of activities and projects is an excellent one. As for "the participation of older people in learning" - what are we saying.? That we, the providers, are doing the wrong things?
  • 9.1.2015 07:30
    One of the most promising solution can be a house of daily care. The idea is to open as many such houses as possible especially in the areas where older people leaves. In 2015 one hundred such houses will be opened and supported by Polish government.

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