ForAge Forum: CINAGE - a very personal experience of intergenerational course and learning

  • CINAGE - a very personal experience of intergenerational course and learning

    12.1.2015 14:37
    In the framework of CINAGE European cinema for active ageing project supported by the European Commission, have been conducting and attending a CINAGE course for adult educators and older students. The course is meant for us to get familiar with different active ageing policies (WHO, OECD and the European Commission) and definitions focusing on a number of active ageing competencies as they appear in European films. But do they appear? A small scale research preceding the CINAGE course has revealed that older age is still being portrayed through numerous old age stereotypes (primitive thinking schemes), whereas for today’s active ageing several competencies are needed. There are emotional competence, civic competence, economic and financial competence, health and learning competence, intergenerational competence and some others. All of them are important for analysing the role of European cinema in encouraging older people to take on a variety of new post modern social roles. It seems that older people ever more continue living their lives without experiencing a major interruption after retirement. They create new social networks, they learn … A group of young students from the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, University of Ljubljana joined older students at Slovenian Third Age University. When does intergenerational learning happen? Could older people learn together with younger people if they all assume interchangeable roles of teachers and students? What is needed for mutual, cooperative and reciprocal learning?

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