ForAge Forum: Older people in the Erasmus+ programme

  • Older people in the Erasmus+ programme

    10.2.2015 11:09
    In the previous funding period of the Lifelong Learning programme (2007 – 2013) older people formed part of the main target group. Referring to the demographic change in Europe there were many different opportunities to actively include older people as learners into projects and mobilities, not at least through the Senior Volunteering Programme. In the ForAge database many of these projects are listed with further links to relevant websites. In 2014 the new funding period started and will be relevant for the next seven years. The new Erasmus+ programme brought significant changes and on the first sight it seems that elderly people are suddenly excluded from the programme, as they are nearly nowhere explicitly mentioned and the programme focuses more on younger people. So, what about older people in the new Erasmus+ programme?
  • Coleen Ramsey
    10.2.2015 22:19
    The decision to leave older people out of the Erasmus Plus programme is a huge error of judgement by the European Union. It is wrong on grounds of economy, as simple cost-benefit analysis shows that investment in learning for older people pays great dividends, but it is also wrong on moral grounds. Later-life learning can help older people to overcome loneliness and isolation - don't the people who framed Erasmus Plus care about this at all?

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