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  • Later life learning and the English language

    12.3.2015 14:52
    ForAge's latest newsletters available from the ForAge home pages discuss how English is used across Europe today. The questions raised range from how English is used in pan European projects through to how, why and when older people learn English. ForAge is alwaays looking for information to better inform our debates and we are particularly interested in older learners' experiences- not only in learning and using English - but in the whole question of learning languages in later life. Pleaase read our newsletters and let us know what you think about the issues.
  • 29.4.2015 16:42
    Well, learning languages in old age is certainly one of the most wanted learning activities. It is a wonderful way of escaping from one's own identity but also a way to consolidate it. I believe learning English starts being real fun and joy when older students are able to discuss topics which bring them a new view of the world, culture and civilisation. The topic can be anything as long as it brings new views on social, economic, cultural, political developments and one oneself....Step by step also the structures and morphology are getting absorbed...Cognitive, school like learning however is dull and far from reality...

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